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No simple form conducts its lowing steer

The simple are sublime forms. I have an affinity for them. Like Zen of Japan is a mystery beyond comprehension. Because those simple forms are constantly searching for their origins. A delicate form filled with matter of cares. I find that very attractive. These simple forms are all around me. It seems to me important to take oneself to something more accessible than being awakened by external forces. The world is, in my opinion, a subjective entity that is constantly reshaping itself as a result of individual perceptions. It may also be absolute, which is subjective. One's own self is the source, but they are manifested only when one connects with something larger than oneself. Furthermore, simplification could strongly connect things and interpret perceptions, which makes it simpler than to be provided with iffy complicated matters. As a result, certain things can be abstracted well as things of opaqueness that cannot be fully understood with empathy. In linguistic relativity p

Come with Red

When things are exposed to light, they become colored. Colour connects to our memories, guides our emotions, and motivates us to take action.

Today, it is the mood for Red. Red on lips. Lipstick has a history as a demon extermination. It is said that in ancient Egypt BC, there was already a custom of makeup as fashionable. In my opinion, Red has the power to protect it from negative things as powerful.There is also energy that inspires super femininity, that is an image of love, vitality, execution, and sacred energy associated with blood and life. Red is an energetic colour that stimulates sensory nerve functions such as taste, smell, and vision as it is often said that the experience of being in a red space feels even faster. Red is the power that is proud of our mental and physical strength to reach our destination with unlimited enthusiasm. Motivation is raised to the climax, and such influence exerts tremendous power passionately without saying much. The motivation of the other person is ignited, and these hearts of all the demoralised people can regain their shining beliefs and spirits. Red is charisma

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