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Untilted 70

Here's a bright morning pouring sunlight into my room. And, the air touches on my skin, with plenty of water burned by the sun. It has a strong smell that keeps power to bring a season to different stages vigorously. I think that summer will come again when its steamed steam grazes my nostrils. A short summer like bubbles. ------ This was the season of rainwater was like a thick fog, and the smell of raindrops against soils that grazed through nostrils and gave it a distinctive ambience that would be unforgettable in memories. Such a nostalgic, bewitching and mysterious time.The sound of pouring rain is an unconscious realm that was in abyss like a deep sea. It stimulated enthusiasm magically inside its secret that evolved little by little, steadily. Heavy rain at times was like fierce waves hitting a rock. Yet its strong belief was not easily broken, holding its heart like seeds dreaming underneath, metamorphosed into the mysterious power.  As the soil that has accumulated a lot o

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