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No simple form conducts its lowing steer

The simple are sublime forms. I have an affinity for them. Like Zen of Japan is a mystery beyond comprehension. Because those simple forms are constantly searching for their origins. A delicate form filled with matter of cares. I find that very attractive. These simple forms are all around me. It seems to me important to take oneself to something more accessible than being awakened by external forces. The world is, in my opinion, a subjective entity that is constantly reshaping itself as a result of individual perceptions. It may also be absolute, which is subjective. One's own self is the source, but they are manifested only when one connects with something larger than oneself. Furthermore, simplification could strongly connect things and interpret perceptions, which makes it simpler than to be provided with iffy complicated matters. As a result, certain things can be abstracted well as things of opaqueness that cannot be fully understood with empathy. In linguistic relativity p



Kadera was born in Tokyo, Japan.  She is an Eastern Dancer, mainly acting as a solo dancer. Before she went into the path of dancing, She has an experience had graduated the prestigious Art University in Japan, specializing in the field of Traditional Japanese Craft Art, majoring at Urushi Craft Art, wooden works kind of industrial interior furniture design, and worked as an editor in one of the renowned publisher, famous for being Japan’s most prominent juvenile literature. And also her dance life it   progressed deeply through an experience in Turkey, which became one of the turning point in her life. She had become growing while touching the art and music educations of a painting, and bodily gymnastics from her childhood. Her sleek motion evokes the mysterious world feeling. She incorporates dancing with bodily physical science, art, culture, history, literature, poems within her performances. In the drum solo improvisation performance of being to fit the drum rhythm, that repertoire being full of dynamism, rhythmic and sensual.

With such a career and past experiences in different fields, literature, art and philosophy, besides, sudden turns and twists, in her life, like meandering, affected and helped her to compose all, in her career, as a specific dancer and art performer, gave her great dynamism and motivation, cured her both physically and mentally, finally, creating a peaceful figure, Kadera.

She performs mainly in Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurants, Parties, Hotels and various events as a freelance dancer. In the bimonthly events, she acts as Dance Leader and Planner of the entire event, and also  as Tokyo-based instructress with vigorous activity focused on femininity.

"In bouncing on the earth and pouring its dynamism into the sky. The contour has a clear, beautiful, and powerful. It inhabits the passion of be swing and be rocking the limb to the ends of the universe. Even if it eludes a person's accurate understanding, those possessions were revived it original importance - by dancing - as one of the unforgettable feelings of uplifting, that's the same as a pray. Its soul is the highest self as always."

Much love, as ever


National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association - PET Certified Fitness Trainer

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