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11月24日(木)に、渋谷のCafe Bohemiaで踊ります。


One of those night photos

Japanese Material ; Part. 2

Japanese Material ; Part. 1

白秋の扉 : The Autumnal Gateway

The Mood For Autumn

Music of journey for dancers in a day and a night.

9月17日: レストランショー後記

9月17日(土)ショー情報: For performing Saturday 17

Congratulations for the reopening Nefertiti Tokyo

performing info : Saturday 3 September in Tokyo at Nefertiti.

The details for the next performance: 19th JULY TUE at Cafe Bohemia

7月2日ショーの詳細: the detalis of the next performance, July 2 SAT

6月11日(土)後記 : at restaurant performance 11 June

6月11日ショーの詳細: the detalis of the next performance, JUNE 11 SAT

5月27日(金)後記 : at restaurant performance 27 MAY

5月27日(金)ショーの詳細: For the details of performance, FRI, May 27

5月14日(土)後記 : at restaurant performance 14 MAY

5月14日(土)ショーの詳細: For the details of performance, on Saturday,may 14

Postscript;APR 30

桜羊羹 ; A Trailing Tone

A cantaloupe Ascorbic Acid


Nothing Is Faster Than Such Feelings

Happy New Month Wishes