This morning's landscape

This morning's landscape is certainly lovely. The calmness of the day sounds very fitting for John Cage. I choose one of my pebbles that emits a pleasant fragrance and brush it against my nose. Winds carried fresh floral scents with slight juiciness and fruitiness in the inflections. I can now draw my own story for the day.

Even though the rainy season can be depressing, you can receive blessings by mixing in its hue with the surroundings. It would be days to adopt things and grow oneself. In this moment, there is a love from the firmament that will moisten the surface of this earth in preparation for the summer heat when the sun shines and fire and water combine to create a rich humidity like hot steam rising dramatically. 

We are always on the lookout for ways in which we can live a more fulfilled life and do so while putting a smile on our faces. It is cheerful, refreshing, and effervescent like the sun.  Rainy season and wet days make us think there's a faint hope of a splash if we look at it in a pleasing way.

When I arrive in front of my house, I feel secure and comfortable. At that time, Ladybird came to a stop in my hand and a butterfly that did not move its wings just fell in front of me. I no longer feel gravity under the sky after the rain.

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