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Simians, Cyborgs, and Women : The Reinvention of Nature

My spot at my place is firmly cemented by the rainy season. My place is becoming very hot and steamy because three-dimensional windows are letting in direct sunlight for most of the day. Rainy days are ideal for reading. However, my reading time is not how I find serenity but rather in the sauna. 

I read Donna Haraway's book, Simians, Cyborgs and Women for the first time recently. I was interested in her and her book as a feminist, a female sociologist. Some may find it offensive to call it feminist, but she claims to be a feminist in person and her main interest is in feminist studies. For a long time, I have been dancing with joy in femininity and all my clients are women. When I'm in a position to lead women in a way, I can't help feeling masculine in myself. In terms of gender, I feel that I have something of a level and calm inside me, and it feels a tiny bit awkward when it comes to what happens in society. That book appears to be somewhat different from the current trend of feminism, which is claiming that gender differences can be changed through social and customs. Perhaps she is no longer bothered by that.

By agitating the dualistic dystopia created mainly by Western European patriarchal capitalism, she understands what is biological and embryological, and she asserts that even absolute objectivity cannot be determined.  Thinking of it as a continuous dialogue about what kind of risks to take in forming the situation was stimulating to me. In the texture of it, I sense a feminine perspective in a meaningful way.

There is a situation where it is the independence of these days has been dispersed, I decided to pick her book up, in search of a little more hint, that is not a typical way of ecofascist/new nationalist/capitalistic cyber utopian neoliberalism/post-liberal forms of technological determinism/essentially unchanged green capitalism.

In the digital age, smartphones, wireless earphones, RNA vaccines, and various gadgets are part of our everyday lives, prompting us to start a dialogue and code. In a mixed language that doesn't know how to be, what can we grab.
When I can see in reading this book, paging back and forth between chapters and turning pages to check if the outline is correct, there is an overall sense that the "position" changes each time as the
book says. I found it very enlightening. It was like dancing, I love that.
As Yukio Mishima said, sexual eroticism is the lack of independence of the other side. Considering that the world and our era have lost their way, the earth may now represent as a passive/receptive vehicle for the changeable situation. Horizontal expansion/generative abilities are needed.

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