A crow wing and the footsteps

I came up with my mind. There was a study that showed that the very negative topic of thinking about

death increases the well-being of life.  To think about what we can do, what we want to do, and what we

want to prioritize the resources of the most precious time that money cannot buy, until the end of death,

that is naturally important to make up your mind. It is a quite natural way in that it can be clarified.

Thinking about the death penalty may also help reflect the way of thinking. As a result, it may lead to the

improvement of the ethical and moral values ​​of society as a whole. At present, only five industrialized

countries - including Japan and the United States - actively carry out executions and I am not sure about

the exact number but 140 nations more or less had abolished capital punishment.

Supposedly, I was the mother whose child was killed. If I were to be in this position, I would ponder the

unimaginable feelings of how I could convince myself, I would go to defeat the murderer by myself, I

would also see the darkness of my child, self-harm to melt in. In fact, before the Meiji Restoration, if you

declared openly that you would go to kill them in retaliation, so called ‘’katakiuchi’’ or ''adauchi'' in

Japanese, was legal, was not so long ago. Of course, I know this isn't possible under current law, plus it's

self-serving attitude, complacency, and egoistic practice, and it's not a peaceful solution. you don't have

to have a revengeful feeling meanwhile If you suffer, revenge is life, that is kind of honest gory bits of

feelings. Now that I can't slay the enemy directly, I think there is room to think about how to manage


Often, some argue that friends and families of victims should deserve justice to be given execution and

closure. Most of these people feel that the death penalty is the only way to compensate them for their

loss. Allowing murderers to live must be an insult to them and the memories of their loved ones. However,

can the feeling of loss of a loved one be compensated for by execution? Whether execution can be the

right process and direction for the bereaved family - unfortunately an area beyond my imagination at this

point -, and there must be tremendous amounts of mental labour. However, the death penalty cannot be

said to be yes.

The death penalty would be an appropriate punishment for such a terrible crime of ruthlessly malicious

murder. Most of the friends and families of victims would hope for execution, but about the prison officer

who would have to do it.  I think that some measures have been taken to reduce an undue psychological

burden. Many people don't feel  comfortable making critical executions like this on others, even a

stressful situation for many. 

If imposing the death penalty is a long and expensive process and is not the only way to control murder,

that is not appropriate in all. To abolish capital punishment reduces the chances of being punished for

crimes that innocent people have not committed. There is always the possibility that innocent people will

be put to death for crimes they did not commit.

Returning to the universal belief of mine that suffering and sadness are not only about one person, but

that the people around you who love you want to be happy should take in it.

If the execution is abolished, I think the price of those who survived with various complex emotions

should be supported the most. 

 I don't think the execution will end my emotions.

I absolutely would like to support those who aim for a light world view and beautiful landscape that goes

beyond sadness and despair, for all levels.

And, a crow came to my balcony where it rained.

Next steps and new levels of respect. crows - with their footsteps

I might rewatch Dead Man Walking next week.

Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men

must, I think, have great sadness on earth.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT

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