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Those who can do it do not understand the feelings of those who cannot. You don't know what you can't know about what you can do. It never ends, So that, I think life just is what you can do for whom , in other words, what you can do for what, even if it is not for whom


I wonder if compensation for the cancellation of Olympics, the broadcasting rights etc of the world, will easily exceed about 1 trillion yen in total? Japan already spend 1 trillion for the Olympics, It seems. Although I'd like to watch amazing athletes muscle In person. Here in Tokyo Japan, a lot of people want the Olympics to quit. But, how much the cancellation will need? There are some information negative / positive about that. Even if they are wiser persons, he / she can not judge without information normally.

It's true that the Olympic pre-competition schedule etc already were booked. Actually, I was surprise because I think it won't do. In developed countries, only Japan can do it now, it seems. These are surely pretext for not revealing something . Can we control it, I'm full of doubts. But, If it will be held it, everything would be nice with positive attitude hopefully.

Some say that the Governor of Tokyo may inform the cancellation, kind of she did just over performance every time for many people ridicule it as her popular campaign. At the fact, the people of Tokyo they chose her that sounds amazed for some people. But while there are still terrible in the world, not the cancellation does not mean that Japan is cool, but even in this situation and that is will be minimum, hope it's better to convey something fantastic. It's the same as saying that it's the governor of Tokyo so far, but it sounds the worst for me if she says to cancel it because of getting popularity without telling the facts.

By the way, news and these information make me tired.

If writers write a novel form now on, writers cannot avoid the background of the present era that the whole world is experiencing in some way, even if it are not directly involved into the stories. This energy that transforms everything is amazing. And now, I think that delusional power, the power to imagine something and move forward, is required. I think it attracts people to think about what is the direction of good energy.

Because being creative is the minimum human desire, I think. Even if you're not an artist.

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