Forest of Artemis

The sound of the leaves of the trees fanned by the night breeze sounds like ripples of the sea that spreads blue-green forever and is comfortable. Once you will feel it, which is incomparably larger, washes away whatever emotions that you have, helps you exodus from where you want to get out but can't get out. It's like a small stumbling quickly becomes a drop of the sea and is purified and disappears.

If I sleep in the sound of leaves overnight, it's as if I'm soaked into the bottom of the deep green lake which is very calm, sorting out what I need and what I don't.  While listening to grace notes, as if I look for ideas, feelings, urges and memory and the lost things which have been for so long time. And, that makes me well-balanced again.

The leaves swaying in the dark, like the hair of one big beast, covers me and heals me. Wilderness and having the wildish, those words sound typically misled to be ingracious, innately, dangerous. Even so some people are healed by animals because they are living only in their honesty, that is as the same power that every nature does.  

It became less often people see the taste of wilderness, yet I believe that is the clear way to soften feelings and balm old scars. Because nature always is capable of accepting whatever happens. and I learn, in a wilderness, somewhat I see in what I can handle in any ways, and I don't have to be overprotective of self. and let me bring an unprotected place. The gentle abyss is always waiting for what embraces you as you return to true yourself.

Rain is a sign of rest. 

Sun is a sign of action. 

Cloud is a sign of moderate.

Besides, all wild depend on feelings about what I decide how I feel it, also tells me the value of solitude.

If I could touch innate instinct by myself and regain real lives as knowing a wildlish lady, I will do good for it and and also I will fight to keep it as everlasting