Art gives the amount of sense in the world


a shot in front of Maison Hermes

That was the shot I saw in the street of Ginza before, stopped my feet in front of that mini installation for a while.

What is art as a tool to fill the gap with others?

Living powerfully in a complicated and difficult period where no one can see the future

Rather than finding the correct answer on the path, among people who think and feel differently,

in order to understand each other's environment and position, also to be able to assert their own ideas, 

and to be coexist.

How can we share the emotions that occur in the process?

How kind of emotions sway there and can we experience it, not only the result.

It would possibly make disagreements agreeable in the sensory realm even if you have the opposite way of thinking, like children are easy to make up with their each other

Art plays a powerful role in how emotions and sensations move.

Like or dislike, comfortable or sick,

It is not trying to find the answer right away, but a delicate and complex process and a fluffy feeling as wholeness like that is elusive.

Even if you don't know whether there is a jewel or not at the place you aim.

Everyone first goes on an adventure of ‘’what is that’’ for the big oceans.

Happiness means being able to experience emotions and sensations,

I think peace is what the existence of art realms can be in society and our life as healthy.

















I will inhale and exhale to take off for a night sea such a feeling of divers to the deep sea where a coelacanth would inhibit. Its deep deeper deepest, yet very bright dreams in my mind.