There is no rain no allergy. It’s a good temperature and beautiful shades of green. I am in a place where is very close to nature now. Natural rays are being irregularly illumination into my forehead through leaves waving in the winds sound varying as organic.  At times, I am dazzled with narrowing my eyes lifting my eyebrows by bright lights, which sometimes mark with detached staccato like jumping fishes in the mellow melody of breeze. Green naked trees not so in the romantic flowery way but with the beautiful landscape in here has.  

There's enough space too. Everything's going to be hermit in the forest, you know how secretive nature is, where never bother you with no sound but a great flyleaf you get to write in suddenly. You cannot achieve this level of relief and peace of mind anywhere else. But, I still care because I don't have my wireless earphone's charger I don't know now if I forgot it at my place or dropped on the way. It is not necessary to eliminate noises at least like the city I am in. People wear masks in this rich space like a part of face. That's halarious. Well-trained human being.

Anyhow, I decided to treat me with Earl Grey at a cafe beside the lakeside, where is like Joâo Gilberto songs flow and looks exact the surface of the lake shines. It’s comfort of being able to immerse myself in the well-balanced harmony that all living things have as it are and free to leave or stay in with the big cycle of nature. 

I will see I'm not robbed of anything at this moment.

Sun on skin - makes sun-kissed skin