The Jester

I drink cappuccino at sort of an upgraded cafe everybody would know. That's okay to be a little more casual, but it is the only near place where espresso will be served. It's a good thing, not a waste, because spending fresh money brings in new ideas and things come along. There's one more reason I don't put a desk in my place, I need a floor at first.

Well, I wake up in the morning and do some routines. Of course, no matter where I plan to go or when I go or not, one routine I apply some formula on my face and make up. That is the moment when my dessin ability that had been drawing plasters etc for 7 hours a day every day was put to practical use. The reason why I do that is just fun -- that is the simple answer is the spirt of youth not to forget your innocence

Like a child, I love mischief.

Let them observe the situation taking method fits the most round into account,

Even if the answer you get is a ruthless result for the other person, do it.

And on the other side it is only a world of freedom and creativity and the love remains