Chirico's noon

It was a midsummer-like afternoon. I was trying to figure out where the latest Sennheiser wireless earphones I'd lost were. I was heading to a Giorgio De Chirico exhibition, and I was thinking about buying wired earphones with better sound quality next.

The exhibition was very good.  It has been widely known that Chirico revered Nietzsche, his works are like ''Thus Spoke Zarathustra,'' a prophet who revealed his teachings at the age. In my childhood, I remember Nietzsche's books were kept on a bookshelf in the house where I lived. Metaphysical art is for me, it summons melancholic emotions and wonder. I feel like my body is falling apart, so it is a little uncomfortable and bizarre, a surreal experience of being somewhere other than here, a sense of floating. I used to draw often at a young age, and I loved to do surrealism. Perhaps since a child was highly sensitive, and experienced ’’Eternal Recurrence’’ as unconscious. 

I found it to be different impression in a positive way this time. Chirico's transcendental interpretation of his works was interesting in that it had a popular pop art look. Plus, it was nice to see a glimpse of his purity towards something awed. As the essence of art created with a certain ideal, I wondered where does it fit in while appreciating them. I thought It would be necessary to view the superhuman world in the transcendental world with decent intentions that are kindness without being effeminate. Nietzsche, who was born into a Lutheran pastor's family for generations and lived his life denying it, might not have turned mad if he had been able to recognise its existence as a work of art like Chirico. If in Nietzsche's - musical - speed, lyricism follows theory and analysis follows passion, and his flow of words is not so affected by time. Chirico's works capture the intensity of superhuman worlds. 

My face looked like his mannequin after the exhibition. I popped in to Starbucks and wrote down some notes to remind myself while drinking my favorite chamomile tea latte. Just to be sure, I made an inquiry at a place where my lost earphones might be. Bingo. My earphones were found. I walked back to retrieve them, with the setting sun on my back.

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