New Year's visit to Masakado-zuka, the resting place of a legendary Samurai.

Many people came to pray for the new year there.

At the beginning of 2024, a massive earthquake, a series of aftershocks and a shocking accident occurred in Japan. That had a significant impact on us.

May they remain strong until help arrives for them. May they find comfort and strength in times of fear and uncertainty. May a path to recovery be built for those in need, and brighter days be ahead for all. The majority of people in Japan will be open to business as usual. May we all be grateful for the peace we currently have.

My paternal great grandfather was also children of Hatamoto, Guardian of the banner was a samurai in the direct service of the Tokugawa shogunate of feudal Japan at the end of the Edo period in Morishita-cho, Tokyo. It seems where was chosen as the meeting place for the Shinsengumi, which was a part of Japanese history's greatest chapter in March of the 4th year of Keio.

I'm tighten my screws and stay pure, honest, and beautiful this year as well. This is so I feel like I don't turn against my ancestors and my spiritual path. 

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