Gyoza Noon

Gyoza Noon, but in rice powder wrappers, Komeko: It's a rice gyoza filled with cabbage, chives, ginger, garlic, etc. While watching Rifkin's festival directed by Woody Allen, I made gluten-free Gyoza Wrappers with rice powder adjusted for my gluten-free diet routine.  It is my first attempt at rice power Gyoza wrappers. I love cooking because I use curiosity to determine what I want to taste. The process of verifying why the prediction was wrong and starting again. Besides, the series of gyoza-wrapping acts is the work of a supertasker who moves with the flow and has a playful and easy-going attitude like dancing. Also, watching a movie releases the brain I am actually thinking about completely different things. I think there are differences among things, such as those who feel got distracted and stressed out, or those who don't, can handle multiple tasks. Or, It is a condition barometer for me. Very refreshing Gyozas are ready to be served🥟

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