“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?“

My aunt passed away. She was a surgeon. My memories of her are so numerous that I am unable to summarize them in one word. I considered her more of a mother than my own mother and she was called a big mom. She was really a hard worker who graduated from Keio University Medicine at the top of her class, - was supposed to give a speech as that year's valedictorian, but all the chairs of other departments were women, she gave it to a male student. I think it would be a big problem now. - I realised that, at my tender age, her class was quite different. This was because she was a demure authentic Yamato Nadeshiko acting like a real queen she was. Even if she becomes a spirit, she are eternal in my mind and I would envision that if things happened she would say like that if it were she.

Then , It was a funeral for my auntie.

The way my cousins, who are always bright as the sun and as brilliant as a she, and they cried, that was lured in me, I tried to hold my buffalo stance but my firm attitude didn't work at that moment.
I'm now also worried about my mother and another aunt as well, who lost her most reliable sister.
I think of many instances where my aunt gave me her insights, righteousness and humanness as well.
Sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's a runny nose from the cold season or tears from dry eyes and so on.

 “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?“

In a bleak wind, beside that purifying me.
Every day is bringing someone on earth, and the day someone left here. May each day be as the best as we are.

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