Treeside windows

There are three windows in the room where I live. It's one of my largest windows facing the eastern sky. On my balcony, I have a view of the south. And then that is the small window towards the Western sky. Because of that, my place is really bright all day, as long as the sun continues to rise from the East and then sink into the Western sky. If I had missed my beautiful sleep time, the sun would have made me wake up at 5 a.m more or less. I love my place so much because it is so cheerful. It is possible to see both the rising and setting suns over the sky. Tokyo is hardly a place like that. On one of those days, I saw a double rainbow. I enjoy springtime. A cherry tree blooming right outside my window. But sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sunshine. Rainy seasons and cloudy days might work best. My dream is to have a large window up to the high ceiling facing the Western sky. The whole day there is gentle sunlight pouring into the place. Light is not cast intensely on everything in the space, instead it is cast softly over everything as if it were a soft blanket. It doesn't throw intense shadows and lights on them. Their appearance and look are enhanced by the lights and shadows that fall upon them, which gives them a wonderful presence. It's tender to my eyes, so I want it most. The following morning could also be a lazy one.

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