Dreams spoken under the cherry blossoms are the dreams that come true

March is the season when cherry blossom viewings start to bloom everywhere in Japan. I believe cherry blossoms have a secret power. This season is the time when my space transforms into a scenic spot. Because there a big cherry tree just in front of my place. When in full bloom, since cherry blossoms are facing downwards to the ground/us,  this big cherry blossom is just like one big pink blanket covering my room where I am, as much that I feel like I'm being embraced. Before Sakura bloomed, I ordered tatamis made by craftsmen from Hiroshima with domestically produce. It is like an authentic style of clean beauty in Japan. Rush, Igusa, has about 20% phytoncides with natural bactericidal properties. The scent of a forest, phytoncides, that's also in air fresheners. For a daily use in my life, I often use woody notes have a relaxing effect like forest bathing with some items. I don't find this smell offensive. Now that the tatamis have been installed in this year, I can enjoy springtime much more.

Each year, the blooming of that cherry tree takes place approximately a week later than that of the general cherry blossoms in Tokyo. This year, the blossoms finally appeared at the end of March. 

In an early morning, It is the most exquisite time. There is a white mass floating in the dim morning scenery that gradually emerges. Something great made cherry blossoms faintly powdery pink, and the cherry blossoms illuminated by orange-tinged morning sun make them look even more plump and full. Birds tweet in that nook before people wake up. From the special seat, I am able to see how and when birds eat cherry flowers. Luckily, my place is located on a hill in a residential area with no buildings have any high-rise floors. I can see the eastern and western skies without obstructions, and experience the sunrise and sunset every time on the earth. I look a little further away from the window, I can see a larger cherry tree nestled in both of the east and south windows. My glass in frames to see out have a pink tint. It is as if the cherry blossoms are spreading both of their arms out. Whether they melt into milky white on cloudy days or contrast with blue skies on sunny days, each is beautiful in its own way. When the sun sets in the western sky, the cherry blossoms, which are produced by the natural light, display a different face than when the sun rises in the morning. By the wind let clouds move in that temp, lights overflow from a crack in the clouds. The sun that changes in a day, unlimited varieties of lights cast on the tree. I would like to spend to see the tree all the day. In cherry blossoms season, the weather is changeable, even on rainy days, I can see the cherry blossoms and glittering drops of water dripping on the petals. Probably It is like the top superb view hotel in the world at this season.

I talk to the cherry tree all year long. I believe that trees have spirits and can communicate. It stimulates my genuine desire to talk to trees and flowers. As it seems timid in just first glance, but give it a chance to get to know the tree and discover its true characters. I'm sure I'm looking at this tree all the time the most, at least for years. And it redeems a pledge with us once a year, sure. That's actually quite a cool fact, isn't it. It should be tended to more respectfully.

It is said that dreams spoken under the cherry blossoms are the dreams that come true. But a dream that would be realized within a year. It is because of their promise of blooming every year beautifully that they are so true.  That is an easy question and the answer. We just forget about dreams with taking one year. I feel sentimental thinking about how many more times I can see these cherry blossoms here, but no matter how many cherry blossoms I see growing on the ground where this single tree with roots is connected to, I think I'll remember this cherry blossom first.

I brought a bottle of Kasumi-Sake. That is in the hue of a cloud, a floaty milky white drink, delivered direct from the brewery for a special occasion. I make an offering to the cherry tree, and drink sake contained with that power. When I look at the cherry blossoms like this, it feels like Heaven is giving me a present. Glorious lights flow into my room with lots of angels. There is a pillar of light flowing through my place. I don't know how I can describe how much I love the way it shines and pours in, and the way tons of reflective lights and shadows created by the cherry blossoms jump into my place on that background. It takes the brilliant pink atmosphere of fading into obscurity, through in my head, becomes immortal as picturesque time lives on as ever.

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