My eyes are filled with tears as I walk

I tried to make the title emotional.

Yes, for all pollen-sensitive people, it's peak cedar pollen season in Japan. My left eye is always teary because my lacrimal gland is kind of disorder. Most of the time this season, I'm crying while walking.

The spring breeze blows. A beautiful early warm day greeted us.

To clean myself up, I purchased some Japanese sake at a liquor store for the first time in a while. I say that I do not need a plastic bag since it has become a recent custom. There were many things in my bag. I came home holding a 1.8-liter bottle, and I noticed that people were looking at me more than usual. I wanted to seriously think about my future. Even so, I don't intend to quit myself.

At the beginning of the month, I feel so good, so I do some rules early in the morning. It is confidential - probably because it's trivial and boring for others. It is most important for me to do so in a way that makes me feel positive.

There is a goddess in Japan born from tears

This week already feels like Friday. I'm writing this on Tuesday, March 1st. No, It was Wednesday. I am running out of time.

I cannot live without this experiment, It's like I'm driving into a situation where I can't help myself. And it's a really helpless situation. Really. But there is something about this that I can find a solution in seconds after that I feel so.

That is so called something great. I want to feel it in my life as the most.

I think it's really hopeful from here. 

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