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No simple form conducts its lowing steer

The simple are sublime forms. I have an affinity for them. Like Zen of Japan is a mystery beyond comprehension. Because those simple forms are constantly searching for their origins. A delicate form filled with matter of cares. I find that very attractive. These simple forms are all around me. It seems to me important to take oneself to something more accessible than being awakened by external forces. The world is, in my opinion, a subjective entity that is constantly reshaping itself as a result of individual perceptions. It may also be absolute, which is subjective. One's own self is the source, but they are manifested only when one connects with something larger than oneself. Furthermore, simplification could strongly connect things and interpret perceptions, which makes it simpler than to be provided with iffy complicated matters. As a result, certain things can be abstracted well as things of opaqueness that cannot be fully understood with empathy. In linguistic relativity p

7.8 on Friday

A cactus with five flowers had its petals scattered, and when I picked the buds, two of the flowers bloomed again. Yellow is the most light color among the colors and has high saturation. On the contrary, red is surprisingly desaturated. Among yellows, the saturation of the thin petals is too high and the picture is blurred. If I replace the shot with a black-and-white photograph, it looks like an X-ray. No matter how many times I look at it, it will never cease to amaze me. I think the colors are especially beautiful this year.


Friday early morning, I felt like a black dress today.

Embossed hidden roses are drawn on a soft fabric with lace on the neckline. I hung it on a hanger as the outfit I wore today. I did all the work in the A.M., I laid down and closed my eyes before I knew. After an hour more or less, I woke up after noon and saw one line string on my Sony TV screen. Japan's ex-prime minister Shinzo Abe shot. He was being carried by a doctor helicopter. In a vague sensation of the afternoon nap, I suspected that I was still dreaming about the strange words of gunshots, - what? gunshot Where am I -  the unrealistic event in Japan. He seemed to have been shot on his neck. 

He bore the brunt of the criminal's personal feeling and was assassinated. As far as I can tell,  his grandfather raised him after his father died, and his grandfather passed away and the criminal's mother was infatuated with a religion and bankrupt. And, his bro suicided later. He thought that ex.Prime Minister Abe belonged to the religious group, which led to his crime. To my eyes, Abe appeared to be only in some conservative spheres with them and diplomatically coordinated in his leadership. 

Whatever the case may be, just because Mr. Abe was involved with the church does not mean that is okay to slay.

I think this issue is  ‘’Cult’’ religion and  his conspiracy theory historical view. It is also the security was so inadequate, an insufficient level of mass media that never evaluate correctly doing the right things, which created the tragedy. 

There should be scrutinized into fake news and conspiracies.  To have a religious group that started in Korean Peninsula, now it is being very controversial. It is also about being linked to a political movement. 

What it called "Spiritual sales" gets 70% profit in Japan, besides being spread around the world. Some ruined in their lives or some sued them. There would be a continuing discussion for a while regarding the pros and cons of the new religion that is less than 100 years old.

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