The inner dialogue : dancing mirror neurons


What is the process of reading minds? How does it work? It makes me more talkative when I find misfortune and wrongdoing. Do you feel annoyed by the stupidity of others, while you also sometimes feel uncomfortable with excellent intelligence like you are blue? Do you stick to your habits as you scorn momentary impulses or try to fit the type of character you want? Would you like to talk about taking high-level actions with a clear idea, but will not actually put it into practice? And, are you too traditional and gloomy for some people, but still maintain dignity for yourself? In order to have a deeper understanding of life, it seems people sometimes need to play another role.

In as much as we are born with a natural tendency to respond to the behavior of others in the same way we respond to our own senses that both possess analogous physiological firing patterns including what we refer to as mirror neurons, we need not store general information about what makes different people tick. In essence, we just do the ticking for them. Touch, smell, taste, ache, worry, happiness, thrill, and the things that never end. Aching, rotting, nauseating, fretful concern, energy, vertigo, as these emotions flow through us.

It is one of the things I have done as a dancer to practice mirroring is making a pair and looking at the other person's eyes. That was very psychological. The dancers who are doing dancing, I mean there are several body performances out there, so in particular dancers constantly need to forcefully stare at the audience trying to control their reactions.  At this point, we should give them the gift even if there isn't a conducive environment for quality artistic work. As I dance with intention, there will be someone who understands. It's sort of a professional duty. 

There will be a huge difference in my life if I can distinguish between consciousness and unconsciousness without anxiety, frustration, insecurity, etc, as well as be able to see calmly where this sensation comes from. Having renewed its conviction, it can now take a step forward. I believe that if you look at your memories, the past will become the present, and if you look at your longings, that is what you are becoming. It is the future that will become the present. Once you realize your freedom, you can be calm and loving towards your body because you will now understand that you have freely chosen from the variety of options that have been determined from a few points by the concept of time. For our abundant life, it is more vital to do acts or imagine those senses physically than dates and logic.

As written by Lewis Carroll, "Contrariwise ... if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic."

The same thing I do before I start doing something new. In front of a door, I am standing quietly and solely behind curtains, waiting for the time. I don't know where my back switch is. However, I always hear the sounds. Tic tack.


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