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No simple form conducts its lowing steer

The simple are sublime forms. I have an affinity for them. Like Zen of Japan is a mystery beyond comprehension. Because those simple forms are constantly searching for their origins. A delicate form filled with matter of cares. I find that very attractive. These simple forms are all around me. It seems to me important to take oneself to something more accessible than being awakened by external forces. The world is, in my opinion, a subjective entity that is constantly reshaping itself as a result of individual perceptions. It may also be absolute, which is subjective. One's own self is the source, but they are manifested only when one connects with something larger than oneself. Furthermore, simplification could strongly connect things and interpret perceptions, which makes it simpler than to be provided with iffy complicated matters. As a result, certain things can be abstracted well as things of opaqueness that cannot be fully understood with empathy. In linguistic relativity p

another hundred years


There can be only one truth, and that is belief.


The other heresy.


To the east.


I present onto you.


Look upward at the sun pouring down from above.


Bring all blissfulness.


You are all smiles as you spread light.


It is steadily shining.


The unfulfilled causes bad thoughts and a sense of despair to disappear, and negative thoughts that stem from the unfulfilled are blown away.




You're given something that deserves a clean heart.


It tells you that is the glory and praise promised for your throne.


There are so few beautiful things in this world, and so many sufferings.


You are most innocent in the ways of the world.




A wind to revere you


A land to obey you


Pictures drawn celebrating your beauty


And they will be nothing to you




All people need something greater than themselves to look up to and worship.


They must be able to touch the divine here on earth. 


This is the almighty Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.


Your highness.

On this day in history, Shakespeare was born around April 23rd, 1564.

In a short letter, my love too might still shine brightly.





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