Door of Autumn

What is making an original which is typical story doing something different from peers and saying something fancy or kind of airy, too much fiction, is that makes people laugh anytime. 

But, I am sure that is gonna happen in the near future. 

Because this season is dramatic and the starting origin for me with some reason. That is a miracle I can believe in naturally.

Seasons tick-tock change but a typhoon gone and it is like coming back Summer again still here. Come on - I would love to enjoy the cooler season. 

Autumn is the best season for roses which is the flower I love as the most in the end after all - the story background is nice because next season is towards the winter so these flowers are the last time to bloom in your garden and the landscape is also lovely and matured. The gardens are colored with flowers as one last time before going to the colder season. The colors are warmth and tints are rich mid-tones like Henri Matisse tableau. 

A wind is the first to change you can feel towards Autumn. It approaches the end of summer and is time for people to say farewell too. Trees and the leaves are painted by ochre, amber and honey. Peaches, tomatoes and potatoes are ripe for harvest and wine is left to age as the cornucopia of good things to eat and drink.  The richest season in the year is coming.

In such between seasons, it is relax to love the colors transition with eyes everywhere - 

For this season, and Oct 1st today it seems like that international day of music, if the classic music is, Tchaikovsky The Seasons October. If the Jazz number is, Coltrane and Miles Davis are fine as always but Chet Baker is the number ones in the mood for.  And, If a living major artist is, Autumn season makes me listen to Norah Jones. - When '' Come with me'' her album came out out there, I thought she was real after so long time around the world, which has an easily and comprehensive writing and a catchy melody yet not cheap, her voice is thick in a positive way and stable, whose way of singing with nothing too much of any vibrato. The band sounds also fantastic. 

Anyhow, it is the favorite season of mine.