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Simians, Cyborgs, and Women : The Reinvention of Nature

My spot at my place is firmly cemented by the rainy season. My place is becoming very hot and steamy because three-dimensional windows are letting in direct sunlight for most of the day. Rainy days are ideal for reading. However, my reading time is not how I find serenity but rather in the sauna.  I read Donna Haraway's book, Simians, Cyborgs and Women for the first time recently. I was interested in her and her book as a feminist, a female sociologist. Some may find it offensive to call it feminist, but she claims to be a feminist in person and her main interest is in feminist studies.   For a long time, I have been dancing with joy in femininity and all my clients are women. When I'm in a position to lead women in a way, I can't help feeling masculine in myself. In terms of gender, I feel that I have something of a level and calm inside me, and it feels a tiny bit awkward when it comes to what happens in society. That book appears to be somewhat different from the current

A mid tone of colorful waves

Autumn is a lovely time of year.
Today's writing is a mood booster for autumn.
I got some beautiful roses. Powdery pink roses, suitable for my soliflore vase. 
This time of year, roses bloom again, filling in the garden for the next season - that always makes me happy - they are so beautiful that I would like to bite into them. 
The humidity reminds me of the last summer days here in Tokyo, so I couldn't decide which flowers to put in my house - a tone of autumn or vibrant summer colors - I picked a powdery dusky pink that acts as the middle tone between the waves of color.
The mercury dips to the lower 19s overnight due to radiation cooling. This week, precipitation chances are near 100 percent. These rains mean that it is getting ready for fall. The summer has passed. Sipping caramel-flavored tea and sniffing close. The powdery notes are suede, vanilla, heliotrope, woody, etc. They have transparency. With its very soft tone, it knows how to play with its naturalness and sensuality.
Louise Farrenc is my go-to for staying focused while summarizing endless work that I don't feel completed. Because of the female producer's willingness to create, I believe that my energy is supported. To my ears, her sounds are incredibly powerful.
A bright red dragonfly landed on my foot in my autumn-colored shoes which were red. 
There's something very autumnal about it. Quite peaceful.

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