A mid tone of colorful waves

Temperature drops - Radiative cooling causes the mercury to dip overnight to the lower19s. And, the chance of precipitation is near 100 percent in this week, these rains mean that is getting towards fall

The summer has passed. 

I know that still reminds me the last summer days of humidity and the hot here in Tokyo so I hardly decided which flowers installing in my place - whether I got tones of autumn or vivid summer colors - I chose a mid tone of colorful waves 

by the way, what kind of music do you listen to when you want to concentrate?

If I dare to say it, I listen to Louise Farrenc when I want to be extremely focused while summarizing my endless works which I don't feel finished. ) That's because the female producer's willingness to create supports my energy, I believe. Her sounds have outrageous power for me.

Roses come into bloom again, fill in the garden in the next season, that is always a joy - they are super beautiful as much as I would like to bite them.

with a leaf of Philodendron in the lovely afternoon.