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Simians, Cyborgs, and Women : The Reinvention of Nature

My spot at my place is firmly cemented by the rainy season. My place is becoming very hot and steamy because three-dimensional windows are letting in direct sunlight for most of the day. Rainy days are ideal for reading. However, my reading time is not how I find serenity but rather in the sauna.  I read Donna Haraway's book, Simians, Cyborgs and Women for the first time recently. I was interested in her and her book as a feminist, a female sociologist. Some may find it offensive to call it feminist, but she claims to be a feminist in person and her main interest is in feminist studies.   For a long time, I have been dancing with joy in femininity and all my clients are women. When I'm in a position to lead women in a way, I can't help feeling masculine in myself. In terms of gender, I feel that I have something of a level and calm inside me, and it feels a tiny bit awkward when it comes to what happens in society. That book appears to be somewhat different from the current

female gaze

I’ll try to write a diary not to forget. This time, it is about some lovable films with female gaze or outstanding characterization that personas are heroines I rewatched and watched as the first.

The first is L'Été meurtrie starring Isabelle Adjani and L'Histoire d'Adèle H. Also she acted and after I watched it I  became crazy and was about to be like a sick girl but I am fine for sure. 

And then a road movie, an American film of an iconic duo  I love, which is Thelma and Louise. I had been watching that from my teenager and as I watched such movies like that, so I could not become easy to handle. And Agnès Varda's films, La Pointe Courte, Le Bonheur, etc.  Salome(1953), Rita Hayworth.


And for another female gaze film, Valeria Golino,  Respiro (2002) -  That's what I would like to have watched -  got  a DVD from the UK with english subtitle. Because there was no -- the exact was just a trailer and screening almost no - here in Japan 2003, I could not find it but I finally reached it now as I was able to come up with my brain.


I knew I would love that one - It was very good for me as my forecast. 


Valeria Golino, Grazia was a very female archetype for me - like an animal keen sensing, playful spirit, a heightened capacity for affectionate strength. That is my ideal and every woman should be. 


Classic films and the typical style of good ones are kind of dark and sad and depict emotional conflicts in my book. And that is the cinema but I enjoy hilarious movies as well.

Respiro (2002) 

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