A realm of non-verbal communication

There is the fact that gesturing, thinking and speaking tightly interact.

It seems that people can think and communicate with gesturing about 65%. I don’t know you feel that rate is a lot but, in any ways, that is worth of amendment to gesturing, eye contacting, facial expression and interpersonal distance and posture, etc. 

And dancing is basically non-verbal communication. 

I have been doing it.

There is still so many fixes must try at this stage but,

then, if you want to increase this accuracy, what happens next stage?

For example, everyone knows that music can tap deep emotions, triggering many different kinds of strong memories and feelings and some areas of the brain involved in emotion became activated. 

If you continue practicing communication, self-expression, improvement of spontaneity through performance acts such as music that directly appeal to emotions?

I would like to say is that is sort of training will let you acute for thinking and communication

and, this is just only my empirical things

But,  I think that all things realized by being communicated. 

As the stream about those things will be adjusted about the molecular levels, those particles will be beautiful and accurate, and that can be communicated with ultrasonic waves like dolphins one day.

I tried to skip and step with the idea to the amazing fancy place, but it is not an impossible story.

It will probably be a nice demonstration in the future.

So, here is an experiment.  Words make the future and I told you the miraculous will be happened.

No substance in reality but are of our making, that offers the potential for a letting go into the acceptance of the life.