Reminiscing about New Year

This year was a very sober new year, I had forgotten to eat Toshikoshi soba on 31st, Okuizumo raw soba. On this day last year, I received a New Year's O-miki* at Amanawa Shrine, where's the oldest shrine in that area, and my old friend came to Japan, so I stopped by Tsuruya to eat eel and took a walk around in Yuigahama. It was a beautiful day.

Beautiful memories make a beautiful life and that becomes you as beautiful you are

O-miki* is sake that considered to be indispensable for Shinsen, that refers to sake offered at traditional Japanese festivals such as the New Year. It is said that O-miki has the spiritual power dwells for what is offered to God, made contains the spirit of the gods, and it has been said that it is beneficial to dedicate after sort of festivals.