Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful


I went out to watch a movie, Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful, was the last day at the theatre of Bunkamura.

The character of each shots he photographed are really strong and provocative, of course, sexy and erotic but nothing has vulgarity. There is humor and always like paradox charm, its oxymoron.

The impact of his photo of a woman standing as a buffalo, I saw these photos at my teenager I was attracted to the strong ones and longed for is still very fresh for my eyes. In particular, it seemed very attractive to me at the time, I felt kind of rebellion was nearly hostility from his works because it linked to my own rebellion and its strongness I might have by nature - because nature is strong as it is anytime - and perhaps its rebelliousness of his work, and the addition of my youth. What he wanted to shoot and his purpose are very clear, sharp, that's vividness of his everlasting attraction and obsession without ambiguity for me.