I don't know what I did, but it seems like that I got burned the side of my lower lip. It doesn't hurt specially, but it can't be helped touching because of the itching and tingling that is peculiar to the wound heals. It is often said that you should throw away your worldly desires, klesha, or cut off your anxieties, but if you change your perspective,  you should enjoy it because it could become delicious taste. I am rubbing my burned lip while calling it to me inside of my heart.  I'm busy this week, so I want to run through. It was a little blue when I thought my birthday would come again, but I will take chances. 

At certain training studio, I just brought back a locker key of No.108, which is the number of worldly desires and that number is the bell tolls with 108 times, '' joya no kane'', at every Japanese temple for people on December 31st, New Year's Eve.

 I would like to put it in the right place at first in this week.