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No simple form conducts its lowing steer

Simple are sublime forms. I feel an affinity with those specific sensations.  Like Shinto, Zen of Japan, it all seemed to be secrets beyond comprehension. Those simple forms are continuously searching for its own origins. That is very attractive. I have been trying to think about the simple things. In my own theory so far, it is important if you take yourself to something great more accessible than you awaken results from the outside, without limiting the image. I still have been ongoing about 'how to be simple' that like Zen seeks enlightenment on a higher plane, they cannot stop. I reckon that the world can be seen as a subjective entity constantly being actively formed by individual perceptions. It could also be objective. Those begin with selves, but that's only manifested by connecting with something beyond itself. And, at that point, the simplification could strongly connect things and interpret one's perception, that's easier than to be provided by iffy compl

the season of rainwater

Here's a bright morning pouring sunlight into my room. And, the air touches on my skin, with plenty of water burned by the sun. It has a strong smell that keeps power to bring a season to different stages vigorously.

I think that summer will come again when its steamed steam grazes my nostrils.

A short summer like bubbles.





This was the season of rainwater that was like a thick fog, and the smell of raindrops against soils that grazed through nostrils and gave it a distinctive ambience that would be unforgettable in memories. Such a nostalgic, bewitching and mysterious time.The sound of pouring rain is an unconscious realm that was in an abyss like a deep sea. It stimulated enthusiasm magically inside its secret that evolved little by little, steadily. Heavy rain at times was like fierce waves hitting a rock. Yet its strong belief was not easily broken, holding its heart like seeds dreaming underneath, metamorphosed into the mysterious power. 

As the soil that has accumulated a lot of rain is burned by the sun, the air sticks to the skin, which will give off hot steam.

Everything is getting powerful and shapes anew or differently.





He who is a light 

Illuminates dark shadow, 

suddenly over the right shoulder.

or a reaper

tells the ending to make a new story.

He who is the charismatic

assures trusting the dreams, in them is hidden the gate to permanency, 

and when the earth shall possess the limbs,

shall it truly dance.

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