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I received a wooden mug this year as my present on my birthday ahead. KUKSA seems a tradition item originated from Finland and is outdoor outfit looks - that's cool. And, There is folklore saying those who come to hand will be happy. It is fitting in very well - Warmth.

Some decades ago, I was born in Tokyo Today at the centre of a typical Tokyo landscape where was next to Tokyo Tower. I was popped out for 30 minutes after my mother's labor, which probably could be my most goodwill for her in my life so far - I was a loyal daughter at that time.

Plus, I presume that I am going to say right away following my opinion this my part of my visions/policies that my desire is to die beautifully as much as I can that would be misinterpreted, which I means that is very positive to be alive vice versa. I won't give up in an easy way. Whatever. It is my hard-boiled styling. That's my way of life will be beautiful for sure. Suppose, I always take the initiative in choosing risk before I knew. 

Everyday, somebody is born and passed away and come and gone. 

If you die, it's not fun. My grandmother used to say so with perfectly native Tokyo accent.

It is so called true Tokyoites are to continue for three generations.

As regards this point, I am a real Edoite. Respect me -

Yet, I am no inclination to be stepping out from my comfortable area - such a person who was born in Tokyo of common occurrence -  ,  I don't try to know well about new places in Tokyo like cats never go out of their territory.

So, please take me anywhere, invite me.


To arrive happiness, still more to come of youth I am.

Be good and be stronger to be free.

It could be that I am going to say myself ten years later, it will be okay everything and keep going.