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Simians, Cyborgs, and Women : The Reinvention of Nature

My spot at my place is firmly cemented by the rainy season. My place is becoming very hot and steamy because three-dimensional windows are letting in direct sunlight for most of the day. Rainy days are ideal for reading. However, my reading time is not how I find serenity but rather in the sauna.  I read Donna Haraway's book, Simians, Cyborgs and Women for the first time recently. I was interested in her and her book as a feminist, a female sociologist. Some may find it offensive to call it feminist, but she claims to be a feminist in person and her main interest is in feminist studies.   For a long time, I have been dancing with joy in femininity and all my clients are women. When I'm in a position to lead women in a way, I can't help feeling masculine in myself. In terms of gender, I feel that I have something of a level and calm inside me, and it feels a tiny bit awkward when it comes to what happens in society. That book appears to be somewhat different from the current

This is a sure-fire antidote

Summer is fleeting. Getting away from the city and going to the summer island would be one of our childish dreams.
The exile you long for is full of wonder and excitement. Your imagination will grow and grow as you live in it.

The wide blue sky and the vast sea where you are surrounded, give shadow more air, make you feel further away. It enlarges some space and offers some new ideas, teach us the true instinct for what is beautiful that awe-inspiring, things that were dimmed or even lost before we reached adulthood.   So now, it has reinvented the clear-eyed vision you need.

The thick air of clandestine nature - the beauty of dawn and twilight, moving clouds, and shimmering water -  enhances the atmosphere like great paintings. The time is right to be magically freed from sterile preoccupations, while at the same time being the counterpoint to the mainland's alienation from it.

Often miracles happen unexpectedly as a result of becoming receptive to what is all around us. The space is like everyone's secret.  Some need it more than others. For artists and those who are creative tend to change places to focus on their work based on their capacity for isolation, as well as the degree of concentration required for a particular project, it could be.

Anyhow, its crypto codes are a sure-fire antidote to boredom and disenchantment.

It also gives us endless space where we can marvel at it, seeing like you had never seen this before and feeling like you would never seen it again, and using your eyes, ears, nostrils and finger tips, opening up the disused channels all of sensory impression.

It has always been by our side, and when we are reminded of this, it tells us: I will be there.

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