One of the Lactic Acid Bacteria Stories

There are various fermented foods around the world that attract people. For example, wine, cheese, yogurt, vinegar, pickles, miso, tianmian sauce, etc ....... That was the results microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and fermented the proteins and sugars of foods and changed them into fantastic intellectual nourishments definitely tonguey enough for gourmets. Which are almost the same as foods just ruining, but they are "fermented" and "rotted'' are the difference is whether it activates immunity that is beneficial to humans or not and whether it's edible or not. But, in any ways, I think the first person to discover this is really great.

So far, it is a typical story that often is said to be so.

By the way, I’m addicted to that Hyalmoist of NISSIN FOODS made in Japan these days. I would like you to look for its detail of information and the product story on the internet, but in short, it is a drink of lactic acid bacteria extracted from poops of babies whose parents are probably volunteered employees in NISSIN FOODS, that stimulates and hydrated cells to produce hyaluronic acid.  I had been drinking the only patented lactic acid bacterium in the world to generate hyaluronic acid, from 3rd day, my skin was moisturized very much. Moreover, that is very very effective for the whole body. If you think that is great in increasing hyaluronic acid from head to toe, it could be amazing of a good deal.  As, Shiseido has become a global cosmetics brand, It's no exaggeration to say that an achievement brought about by diligent researchers and the stable technological capabilities.

Even so, the fermentation of good lactic acid bacteria can be treated as good for the human body forever. 

The fact that I'm drinking a beautiful poop,

But it is not everyone is fine

It's important where the good bacteria come from the only baby poop.... 

Anyhow, I am having a pretty cocktail-like, which makes me look dapper, for good skin health, treats me better.