Such a Spring

I just wanted to log in from my main business account with priority to be easily accessible in the net bank, I confirmed carefully whether I could see records so far as I changed the main log in account at my internet banking. I was told yes by a bank staff with her cheerful voice. Though I somehow felt awkward about her light response. As expected, I was able to see only two months back from my net system. Of course, I can check the past records if I request a transition book. Even if I regretted that I didn't do it at that timing, it was too late. Besides I couldn't import the records into my accounting software. And, now I succeeded in those amounts of a work sentence so called hand-manual controls one by one punishment. When I left a office worker, Legal Department said to me like that you would do it on your own from now on, and I didn't think I would do it for such a long time as a freelance, so I wondered why he would say that, well, if I don't like it so much, it is okay I can ask a tax accountant. But, sort of a monotonous work of finishing it uniformly is troublesome until I do it, but I will be into it when I am about to finish it. And, staffs of the tax office will tell me what I don't understand. It's not over yet, but it's almost over. Even if it's so troublesome to die, any person will be likable at the time I let go, is a state of very open-minded. Something like that. I'm glad that the deadline was postponed specially this year. I will let me finish it before a cherry tree in front of my place starting in bloom. Such a spring.