2020 to 2021

By the way, this year, a dark cloud of an epidemic came from around February, and the situation suddenly changed at the end of March in Tokyo April-May was lockdown here in Tokyo, it was a year when the world changed rapidly, but what I personally remembered in this year was.... From Thursday, April 31st, I started visiting Shrine 100 times.

So called ''Ohyakudomairi'', is to visite shrine with 100 times for 100 days. A 100-days habit, I started with a little curiosity. From the end of April to August 7th (FRI), without any missing 100 days to the neighbor Hachiman-Sama. It ended safely and I felt refreshed both physically and mentally. There were 3 Shrines actually, next to main shrine in that ground of Shrines, I first met Tengu-san. Of course, that's a fictional character as legendary. I found out later that sacred mountain, that ''Ryozen'' ,(where is religious facilities such as shrines and temples and places related to them and it's said that a place with a new spiritual experience is called a sacred place in general), ''Kourasan'', was a mountain of Tengu. There is a famous stone statue of a Tengu. .....Next I dream every day, but I was surprised to know that some people haven't seen it at all. One summer day of this year, I was in a bright station building, there was a station employee gave me an old wooden board that was type of household amulet, issued by a Shinto Shrine, written down as Shibusawa Shrine, and he told me suddenly, ''Could you replace it?''. I thought why? . And, when I woke up and searched on Google, it was a real shrine and I could not help going. The origin of the Shibusawa Shrine is created by dream revelation and Wakamiya of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in Kamakura was solicited here and became a Shinto god, Ujigami.

This is what happens when you go to say hi to God 100 times.

It was a good summer day trip to a land I didn't know and a station I didn't know, but when I headed to Shibusawa Shrine, I finally arrived with google map navigation did not work because of on the country road. I met Susanoo no Mikoto is deity, younger brother to Amaterasu, (who she is the oldest goddess in Japan in case), in the precincts. And, on the way back, I was able to reach the station at the foot of the mountain without getting lost in a straight line and without relying on google map.

It was a little fancy year-end diary.

Have a nice year ----















知らない駅の知らない土地を歩く夏の日のいい旅だったのですが、渋沢神社に向かう時は、田舎道でgoogle mapのナビも頼りなくグルグル回りようやくたどり着いたのですが、境内には須佐之男命がいらして、帰り道は嘘のようにずっと麓の駅まで一直線で一度も迷わず、たどり着けました。




I just dropped a bouquet of white lilies on the road for new year deco, but I got many beautiful tulips more than three or four times. I think I'm watched by God well. I am very happy.