Memories of Eustoma

I like Roses as the best. And, Eustoma may be the second best. Gorgeous like roses and somehow I feel healing and kind of psychotherapy. Amongst various colors of Eustoma, these two tones feel at one with something perfect. It looks like holding a belief, and is religious. 

Between white which has been achieved already, does not need to be reborn, and purple which is a highly spiritual color, that contrast is inaccessible and has a sense of depth.

Eustoma is a flower that my grandmother favorite.

That reminds me of her.


私は、バラの次にこのユーストマが好きです。華やかでどことなく癒しと一種の心理セラピーのよう。 中でも、紫と白のコントラストは、信仰的な佇まい。 2つのトーンは完璧な何かと一体感をある神々しさがあります。



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