Autumn's Doyo Period

Most Japanese people think of eels that it is to eat on the days of the ''ox'' , do yo no ushi no hi,  in some period for summertime, and would recognize that it is good for preventing heat fatigue. 

Eating eels has a strong impression of summertime, therefore that period is believed to be only summer. Many Japanese people think of the days of the ox is only the summer.

In addition to summer, there are four times in a year,  the period of season called ''do yo no ushi no hi'' is in spring, autumn, and winter as well. And, It is actually the best season for eating eels during autumn to winter.

It's one of the calendars for the special clauses like Setsubun, Equinoctial week, and 88 nights, are special days that represent its change of seasons.

It is said that it was originally derived from the Chinese Ying-Yang Five Elements theory, and is considered to be a symbol of tree in spring, fire in summer, gold in autumn, and water in winter.

Each of these refers to the time when the seasons change, this time, I have eaten eels of two tones “For the day of autumn's ''OX’’.