Japanese Material ; Part. 2

When I could find some time, I have a time for this, as the way of delightful doings for myself.
My grandmother who is a religious person had a Shinto, recited Shinto prayer every morning, and there's also tea gardens and stone wash basin found in Japanese gardens. I don't know but, If places were countrysides, it might still often remain. I'm a typical girl who grew up in the city, I did a lot if she knew, she would be amazed to die with heart shock. For sure. I have tolerance for new things also. That is why it is kind of affected or my fondness would make me do like that.  I had begotten to have my tools, and also as new ones. I am a passionate lover I had been dealt with, some books too, the school of tea in the morning. I feel inclined Taoism philosophy as freedom of thought individual and regulated the basis of mine.
It is for me, casual and for some mind ease to do, not as pretentious things. I hope that It is done sort of things more often at home.