Japanese Material ; Part. 1

Sort of slow settled tempo that came from an essence of internal specific Japan of the static things, is like that underlying philosophy of dance without moving, dance is a prayer, and its spirit of the force representation as original on the top of the higher heights, through the aristocracy ancient era and the medieval warrior society, that's why it had been to be born the ideal of its unfazed beauty. Some of the sense of flowing movement, rather than feel the energy, its life feeling that came from Buddhism, such as feeling of the impermanence sense, where there is in the ethnic thoughts, further multiplied on those. Expressionless had been nurtured the logic of oriental that has allude infinite representation, not only there is no surface facial expression. <Dynamic enough heart, dynamic seventh body>. Move the heart to the enough, move in on with the seventh. in my mind and in my opinion, if I had to say and redefine its part of Japanese materials.