365 panoramic views


On every day in the fine day, I can see what the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and a huge sky where's very rare in Tokyo city. In here because of the land kind of high, and there is no high buildings blocking to blind in front of me. I will be sharing those.

There was still dim around in the morning.

The sun sinks in the west.


the light pouring into the room which is kind of pink or coral red or orange what colors I can't say it in words. if you grab to be capable of optimizing best timing, but for a super brief moment.

When the spring season, it is an amazing cherry's fabulous colors jumping into me, that tree is Cherry, so like floating in the cherry clouds. I will have to upload it too.

And so forth....


It's too simple and kinda could be boring I know. But It needs to remember and drives me some notes. Sometimes there is so much beauty. I feel like I can't handle it and my heart is just going into fall in....