The rest is silence


The season is next coming Autumn. The leaves are coloring in red, the fruit is ripe, it is very rich and mellow Autumn that marks the harvest and stands out in the year. I'm fond of it.
Autumn deepens in the silence, along with the sound of bell cricket in the night, I'm feeling its period finding some awareness for a variety of things, and coming back and seeing to the will of determination to act continuously as it's been embraced its motive till the end. That's increased abstruse/ extremely deep time. when I dance, such feelings it is interpreted as another aspect of the inside on mind, more even. Seemingly, It is to have to the inside only, but those are richly minds of color width towards outside. It might be a feeling of some kind of overlapping, because it's also the season to get my age.
At this moment, I have an enjoyable time to Autumn from Summer.

※I had updated performance info and classes details.