A midsummer night's dream


I've done a dancing performance on Tuesday's night the other day. When I'm just about to dance, I don't know why it occurs a lot like suffering many hardships and overcoming many trials to come to a certain point will test my strength of will. it was also last time. I'm wondering about it as always.
and I seldom got pictures, I'm used to having my picture taken. actually, I rarely see taken pic.  that's why...  I'm going to dance on here, in Oct 6th. it will be dumped into my birthday month. I will do so hard much more.



10/6(TUE) bohemia show info
【Show21:00~ 2nd Show 22:00〜
【entrance Free】(お一人様一品以上のご注文をお願いします。)
【Dancers: Kader
【場所】東京都渋谷区宇田川町36−22 more info...http://cafe-bohemia.jp/
【事前予約TEL】03-6861-9170 ※TEL予約の際に「お名前、希望人数、ベリーダンス席を希望します

the following are the details in English.
【Show21:00~ 2nd Show 22:00〜
【Dancers: Kader&more
entrance free】 No cover. (except for one drink or one meal needing to order as the minimum.) 
Address Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 36-22

Business hours12:00- 5:00 (※Non-smoking seats are also available)
【rservation】03-6861-9170 I will recommend for being beforehand reservation the seat.  If you think at the time of its TEL, tell them your name and number of people for the belly dance seat. It is more smooth.