Pottering up to down on Monday at Meiji shrine

I went to worship to the Meiji shrine. To visit the shrines is literally to pray for the way of the gods. its manner is, it would be impudent a bit, but as if I pray for myself not for others else. all at times, even for those who are not Shinto believers, it brings it home and appeals to my stance.
Those embodied comprehension also is neatly, orderly such an attitude of having feeling calm. Although If it is without having choose arbitrary something of a time, place, distance and so forth, nowadays It would be capable of getting something information and experience like connect with everything and easily mingling with all. And despite the difficulties that is, I'd like to hope that it can still be remained through it original importance as to be perpetuated.
and  where there is a place of deep affinity for me from high school age, it was my school road. Buildings and people considerably have changed.
it is also a part of accurate aspect for me to a feeling of permanence, not to change at all, there is radically in the space to be cherished, soothed and relieved.