A liminal Simple

2015 April 25-July 5, Mori museum where open an exhibition of "simple forms"(it might be already closed when this diary is read though), It was a good exhibition for a long time in Tokyo. There was over 130 its opus which were incorporated with the Pompidou museum of Paris. Those any works were sublimely forms. I felt of affinity to certain a sensation like Shinto, Zen of Japan. All it seemed to be secrets beyond a comprehension, and such simple forms are continuously searching for its own origins. I have been contemplating around about simple things. On my own theory, that It is important what it is to take anyone to the something good more accessible than awakening resulting from the outside, without limiting image so much. and I still have been ongoing about 'how to be simple' that like Zen seeks enlightenment on a higher plain, cannot stop. I reckon that the world are subjective entities constantly being actively formed by individual perceptions. and, those begin with the self, but that's only manifested with connect with something beyond itself. and at the point, the simplification could be strong connect things and interpreted one's perception, that's easier than to be provided by iffy complicated matters and abstract some things which might be able not to be empathy completely like things of opaqueness. As getting for a multitude of people, it seems to be becoming remarkable. Ultimately, also, it's a drastic change occurs by an ingenious way as always. A page top view was taken photo at allowed area for only installation, that was most favorite, liminal air express the flow of air, float and undulate in a space, like I had seen a grace white big bird the other day. and, at the last pic was from viewing-platform there, of course.