Odada vol.4

yesterday's night was odada vol.4
It was very fulfilling fun last night. actually I was also looking forward to watching for dancing of my students how they will be their dances. at least, a lot of time have spent once a week during these days to ready for those things. and, as a moment that they are beyond oneself, It was so exciting on me. sometimes, I think to feel comfortable when I am doing for what it is as appropriate better works for me, such as planners dealing of so called behind-the-scenes work. even so when do dancing, it needs to show something. that humility is not in what virtues on floor, like a paradox. that is why I use the very power. but after it was over as usual, it was such a night that I think that it was good to do. and, this photo I was sent as present from students yesterday playful products 'コップのフチの太陽の塔、乗り越えの塔' and,original oriental ceramics of teacup was baked by akiko.I like it. along with gratitude!