Details for an upcoming party

来る2月17日(火)に渋谷のCAFE Bohemiaでのショーをしますので、お知らせをさせて頂きます。お誘い合わせの上、お集まりいただければ嬉しく存じます。
【1st Show 21:00~ 2nd Show 22:00~】
【 Charge Free 】(お一人様一品以上のご注文をいただきます。)
【場所】東京都渋谷区宇田川町36−22 more info...
【事前予約TEL】03-6861-9170 ※TEL予約の際に「お名前、希望人数、ベリーダンス席を希望しますとお伝え頂くとスムーズです」
尚、ご予約は、直接、お店に電話でも、横にあるコンタクトフォームからお問い合わせも可能です。(日本語、英語 両対応)

There is details of an upcoming party. I will be dancing at CAFE BOHEMIA in shibuya.
I would like to explain you about this event systems. The date is 2/17(tue). I am going to plan with 2 stages,1st stage will be 21:00〜2nd stage will be 22:00〜. And then,it is charge free,except for one drink or one meal that you must be minimum order. If you will be reservations beforehand,your seat can have some benefits that dance can be watched easily.
Following reservations beforehand phone number, 03-6861-9170.
CAFE BOHEMIA are so exotic space,and the biggest open terrace full of mosaic on a corner of Shibuya. And,They say that you can fully enjoy hookah (shisha),and also,Italian-French style meals prepared by their chef who does not limit the menu to usual cafe-food,and delicious homemade sweets as well. At night,of course,they provide an alcohol menu...
If you are free,please do not hesitate to join. I don't know,but it might become what a wonderful night...
see you then,
much love,