when I dance how my own evidence relates..

For an article about belly dance,it was suggested to consider from my friend. 
I tried to think,and I must be, how can about doing a belly dancing of different cultures as a non-middle eastern.The following my sentence, might be a bit distinct from the issue of this article,but I will write with own thought -AS ALWAYS- on here.
It should be left unsaid, of course, dancers need to know and recognition,whether a belly dancing is placed its in belly dance history. For example,every year, in Cairo, "Belly Dance Festival" has been held, but there are hundreds of participants from all over the world, on the other hand, in Egypt, dancer who was more than five thousand people in 1957, recently, 300 people it is said to be about it. Instead, it seems foreign dancers is increasing.
Other than Egypt,in addition, such as Turkish style and Lebanon style, there is a transition that also similar to the dance that has developed in other regions.
As far as possible,such  to understand the Arabic lyrics of, to know the music of Arab, whether it is expressed as any in the body,I think I want to understand that such things.
Recently, belly dance, it is possible and good for infertility treatment and health, are increasing and the people do from a new point of view. It also focuses the spotlight on female sensual to expand the width in my lessons.
and also I have studied the aesthetics of Japanese dance, because I'm a Japanese. In regard to traditional Japanese dance ,'dance can not be dancing at the first'… its style is too difficult to explain for me and too hard to propagate to other cultures.maybe...
well,Japanese dance goddess, there was 'Uzume' in ancient japan. uzume who is famous for that she has a charming dance, feminine, interesting.

The dance is similar to the position, such as a belly dance,I think so. That is why,I would like to sublimation its own dance, and also as a belly dancing that is say that dance to sing the body, as such entertainment. I hoped that is becoming a common language beyond the line.