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How to make Kader's hot Cocoa

The end of the year party on 19th Dec.

On Thursday DEC 10th at BOHEMIA



The rest is silence

A midsummer night's dream

The transient summer with the voice of cicadas.


Tuesday's Night of Dancing

The summer solstice

A liminal Simple

Pottering up to down on Monday at Meiji shrine

On Tuesday 30th June CAFE BOHEMIA

Odada vol.4

Rest in Reason, Move in Passion

SAT MAY 30TH assembly in ODADA at SPACE ORBIT            

On Tuesday 21st April (21:00~22:30)

On Tuesday 21st April (21:00~22;30)

on cafe bohemia performances night 21st April (Tue)

April 3rd (FRI), 2015 TOKYO GINZA performance at KONYA

On Sunday March 15th, 2015, MEKKA at Orbit.


Kader's performance in GINZA,it will be…..

Details for an upcoming party

when I dance how my own evidence relates..


to 2015,,,next show will be....